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Men’s Ministries

Here at Buffalo City Mission, we take a holistic approach to poverty and homelessness – working to end the root causes.

From the moment an individual walks through our doors, we offer loving acceptance, acknowledging the worth and dignity of each person as a valued child of God. Often, it’s the first time they have been treated with deep, honest respect…it’s a healthy pathway for building a promising future.

Each year, more than 1,916 men seek services at the Buffalo City Mission’s Men’s Community Center. Often we find that, once a man has received basic care services such as food and shelter, he will consider making a more transformative choice like joining the Mission’s Dream Transitional Housing Program—a program that offers freedom from the past and hope for the future!

The Buffalo City Mission is about education, medical and mental health services, spiritual growth, housing management and job skills training…not just focusing on the problem of homelessness, but rather providing real solutions and strategies so that individuals can build new lives and stay on a healthy plan.

“I’m taking two classes a week because I work. So, from there I start loving myself again. I start praying to God again. I start feeling confident again. So, even though it’s a battle every day, struggling every day, at least I feel I’m on the right path again. With God, too.”

– Martin, AFC Resident

Rescue Services

Living on the Streets of Buffalo is not a safe option for anyone. Here at the Mission, we are able to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our community guests that walk through our doors. We provide the following services in order to build trust and develop relationships with the people we serve, encouraging them to consider long-term solutions:

Restoration Services

Broken relationships, job loss, lack of education, and drug and alcohol addiction are common obstacles our homeless neighbors face on a daily basis. Over time, these struggles can become their new normal, until all they can see in themselves is brokenness, hardship and failure. This leads them to believe they will never be able to make a change. Through the Mission’s Transitional Housing Program, we equip each individual with personalized care to overcome these challenges and develop a renewed sense of hope and identity. These services include:


Men’s Testimony: Telly

Telly grew up fighting to survive. Born and raised in the inner city, he wore his anger like a protective shield against the threats he faced daily in this harsh environment. “If I felt threatened, I’d defend myself,” he says. When Telly became homeless at age 60, his grown daughters feared for their father’s life.

“I promised them the streets would never take me,” he says. To keep his promise, Telly came to the Mission seeking help to change his life...
Referrals for Rescue Services
Referrals for the Transitional Housing Program

Buffalo City Mission’s – Men’s Ministry Programs do not discriminate against applicants or residents on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, disability or marital status.

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