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Why you should be a Volunteer

Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Buffalo City Mission! With the help of volunteers like you, all of our programs and services are made possible to change lives at the Mission every day.

Required: You are NOT a court-ordered volunteer.

Partner in service and purpose with the Buffalo City Mission to provide lasting change with positive impact to the hurting and homeless in our community.


Volunteer Opportunities

Onsite Opportunities

There are individual and group opportunities listed for each facility listed below. Note: Individual minimum age is 18 years old. Group minimum age is 16. 16 and 17 year olds will need a signed Parental Permission form. If you have any questions please contact the Volunteer Manager at 854-8181 x408.

Alfiero Family Center of Hope and Promise
Cornerstone Manor  Women and Children’s Shelter 
Thrift Store
AFC Agape & Pantry Shop

Chapel Speaker (At either AFC or CSM)

Do you have a heart to share the Word of God? Please read further. – A Chapel Speaker at the Alfiero Family Center of Hope and Promise or at Cornerstone Manor is a volunteer service position designed to reach the unreached and encourage and equip the faithful. We are seeking individuals with an endorsement from their pastor or local church to bring a biblical message on a monthly basis. To begin this process please complete the application. Once the application is completed you will be contacted by the Volunteer Department for next steps. Chapel times at AFC are 11am and 7pm every day, and the times at CSM are 7pm to 8pm each day except Saturdays.

Human Resource Support Volunteer (AFC)

Do you like an office setting? This may be the service opportunity for you and bring much needed uplifting to the HR team. All needed file, management training will be provided. Human Resource administrative background helpful and preferred. This service role is a short-term opportunity which is available on Tuesday’s from 1pm to 4pm. Confidentiality is essential!

Kitchen Team Member (AFC)

Join with the kitchen staff and be part of the team by volunteering in the kitchen. We are in need of men and women with a friendly and warm smile to serve and to provide Dining Room clean up. Must wear a mask and a shield will be provided.
Now accepting volunteers to serve in our kitchen 7 days a week.

Phone Appreciation/Prayer Volunteer Service Position (AFC)

Description: Do you like to talk on the phone? Are you able to utilize Excel for input of basic information? Do you feel comfortable praying with others? Please consider partnering with us in this exciting service role. As a volunteer, with faith in the Lord Jesus, in this role, you will be reaching out to volunteers and donors to share a special thank you of appreciation for the volunteer and donor’s kindness as partners who continue to make the servi.ces of the Mission possible. – Kindness and appreciation that comes from the heart sends ripples of building caring relationships with those who you appreciate! We so want to share our appreciation, so that it ripples throughout our community, to all that make the Mission’s services to our hurting community possible, day after day! As the thank you’s go forward, I pray that we build stronger relationships with our gracious community partners. If you would like to serve in this role, please choose this as an option in your application. We look forward to speaking with you! This position takes place at the Alfiero Family Center of Hope and Promise. We are seeking 3 hours shifts, 1 time per week, flexible schedules.

Stylist/Barber Shop/ Beautician (AFC)

Available for individuals – men and women – Are you a licensed hairstylist/barber? Do you have experience working with different types of hair? Help folks feel proud and uplift their hearts when they feel good about how they look and how they present themselves to the world. You can make a difference at the Buffalo City Mission by bringing your skill and providing haircuts in the lives of many struggling with homelessness.

Welcome Center Receptionist (AFC)

If you enjoy hospitality and have a friendly smile, please apply for this volunteer service position. The responsibility of this volunteer position is to welcome residents, guests and community members into the facility and connect them to the services needed. Partner with the Welcome Center staff to schedule appointments for residents, guests and community members through electronic system and answer phones. Welcome Center Receptionist available Monday through Friday.

Admin Support Volunteer – (CSM)

As an Admin Support Volunteer Team Member, you will provide office support to the administrative staff of Cornerstone Manor. In this volunteer position you will be maintaining files on the computer, prepare copies, and do some shredding. You will need to have experience with basic computer and office skills. This position is available Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm.

Child Care Team Member – Volunteer (CSM)

Are you seeking a rewarding volunteer experience? Do you like working with children? Volunteering in the day care and or student homework area will bring great support to the Mission staff and/or provide fun and support to our children of Cornerstone Manor of all ages. Volunteers serving in the Daycare are under the supervision of the Mission staff will assist with the implementation of lessons, stories, and arts & crafts.

Volunteers must submit all necessary required paperwork, pass a background check, and complete fingerprinting. There is no cost to the volunteer for these needs.

This service position is available Monday through Friday. Shifts are flexible.

Garden Beautifier (CSM)

Open to men and women – Do you enjoy the beauty gardens and flowers bring? This is position for you. The gardens of Cornerstone Manor provide great beauty and joy to the residents and the community. The tasks of the Garden Beautifier will be to maintain the Cornerstone gardens by clearing the weeds so that the flowers can grow and develop to blooming. The Mission will provide all needed materials. A green thumb is not necessary for this service position, just a heart to bring beauty and joy to Cornerstone Manor residents and the community that pass by our facility. Garden Beautifier is available Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm.

Lead Volunteer Residential Coordinator Support (AFC & CSM)

Residential Coordinators (RC) are the staff that work to meet the day to day needs of the residents of both the Alfiero Family Center and Cornerstone Manor, the Women and Children’s Shelter.  As a lead volunteer in this position, you will serve shoulder to shoulder with staff, providing vital support to staff while together, meeting daily resident needs. You may be preparing a room for a new resident, doing a bit of Covid cleaning, assisting with laundry and other, day to day operations. This service role will give you a greater understanding of and participation in the services provided to the women and children of Cornerstone Manor.  Note: Lead Volunteers receive extra training, as a volunteer in this role you do not need a staff person, present during your time of service. Training for all needs provided by staff. If you have any questions, please call the volunteer Department at 854-8181 x419. We are looking forward to partnering with you!

Volunteer Education Instructor (AFC & CSM)

Do you have a specialized skill or trade that you want to teach others about? You can teach a class of our adult residents at the Mission!  Our education program offers classes in the following categories: Basic Life Skills, Creative Skills, Work Readiness, Health/Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition, Addiction Recovery, Spiritual Growth, Restorative Healing. Classes are held M-F between 9:00am and 5:00pm once a week, usually for 1 hour. Class size is usually between 5-10 students.

Clothing, Donation, & Receiver Team Member (Thrift Store)

Do you enjoy a retail setting, working with clothing and meeting new people? This position is for you!
The Thrift Store Volunteer Clothing Team Member’s role is to sort, hang and price clothing and linens for placement on the sales floor. Along with straightening clothing racks to keep the store looking pristine and inviting to our community shoppers. As a volunteer in this position you will sort, categorize all donations with a focus on houseware donations for preparation for the sales floor. In this role you represent the Buffalo City Mission as you engage donors in friendly conversation while receiving and sharing appreciation their donation. Donations are vital to the continued work of the Buffalo City Mission for many reasons. This position may seem small, but a friendly smile and kind words goes a long way to build lasting relationships with our caring and supportive donor community. All the time partnering with all mission staff and other volunteers.

As a volunteer in this position you give the gift of your time and skills and are member of a larger team that bring many hands together making the Buffalo City Mission successful to positively impact the many homeless in our WNY community. Available Monday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm.


Fun With Games Event

The residents of the Buffalo City Mission men’s Alfiero Center of Hope and Promise and the ladies at Cornerstone Manor love time to relax, laugh and have fun! What a great time of stress relief. The Volunteer Department has games that groups can borrow and utilize for fun times for the residents and volunteers as everyone interacts. These Fun with Game Events can be scheduled Monday through Friday Evenings from 5:45pm to 7pm. If your group would like to bring this event to the residents, complete the application and the Volunteer Department will contact you for next steps. We are looking forward to good times as we unite in service!

Chapel Worship Team

Do you have a heart to share the Word of God and praise the Lord in music? Please read further. – A Chapel Worship Team at the Alfiero Center of Hope and Promise is a volunteer service position designed to bring a time of joy through praise and worship to the men. We are seeking groups with an endorsement from their pastor or local church to bring a short Biblical message and a praise band full of joyful worship to the Lord on a monthly basis. To begin this process please complete the application. Chapel times are 7:15pm to 8:00pm.

Let’s Create Craft Time

The residents of the Buffalo City Mission’s Women’s and Children Shelter, Cornerstone Manor, enjoy and need time to relax, laugh and have fun.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 17:22 ESV A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. If you or your organization would like to provide a craft for the women and children in residence at Cornerstone Manor “Let’s Create Craft Time” is for you! Choose this as an option for service to receive next steps. Please be sure to receive the guidelines for craft choices so that you can chose just the right craft for you and the residents. These events are scheduled Monday through Thursday evenings from 5:45pm to 7pm.  We are looking forward to good times as we unite in service! Note: you will need to provide the materials for the craft you choose

Bring the Team Event

The Buffalo City Mission Thrift Store has many donation of all kinds that need to be prepared for the sales floor. If your group is looking for a time to serve the mission in multiple ways at one time this is the service position for you. The Thrift Store is a great way for our community in need to purchase necessary household items and clothing for a reduced cost. The proceeds from the Buffalo City Mission Thrift Store are then used to support the life changing programs for the men, women and children in residence at the Mission. Your team can work shoulder to shoulder with the Thrift Store staff to continue the ongoing functioning and purpose for the Thrift Store. United in Service we make a difference in the lives of others!

This service opportunity is available Monday through Saturday 10am to 4pm. Once you have selected this option and submit your compete application the staff from the Volunteer Department will be in contact with you for next steps!

If you have any other idea for a group event, please reach out to our Volunteer Department at [email protected].

If you have any questions please reach out to our Volunteer Department at [email protected]. The Volunteer Department staff will contact you once we have received your application for next steps. We look forward to hearing from you!

Additional Opportunities

Click below for more information and to register

One-Time Collection Drive

Available for individuals, groups, organizations and churches. You can make a difference by bringing hope to the residents of the Buffalo City Mission by partnering to meet the practical needs for the many men, women and children in residence. Contact the Community Engagement Donations Coordinator at 854-8181 x438 for questions and to begin a collection drive.

  • Prayer partners: be a Prayer Warrior for our community and Mission needs.
  • Church Ambassador MInistry
    • Partner with the mission and be the hands and feet of the Jesus. Contact our Volunteer Department at (716) 854-8181 or [email protected] for details.
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • July 4th
    • Individuals and Groups can bring joy, care and celebration to the holidays listed above by providing (here are some ideas) simple gifts, decorations and or cards for the men, women and children for each of the above holidays. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas. Please call to talk about how we can partner to bring the party to the mission
  • Thanksgiving, Turkey Express
  • Christmas Hambone Express


Request a Mission Speaker or Info for a Tabling Event

Schedule A Tour

Tours for AFC. CSM are available Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm.