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Women’s Ministries

Here at the BCM our goal is not simply to serve the hurting and homeless, but to pull poverty and homelessness out of their lives at its roots.

Buffalo City Mission’s- Women and Children’s Shelter (Cornerstone Manor) – is not simply a place which offers food and shelter to those in need, it is a place that provides a safe haven for which women and mom’s with children can have the opportunity to transition safely and successfully through the Mission’s Dream Transitional Housing Program, where sorrows can be turned into joy so hope for a better tomorrow can begin.

       “I felt safe and I felt loved, even the very first day.”   –  Resident Karen

This program provides each individual with a pathway to a stable life through the education and skill training resources provided to lift them out of poverty and on a road to a better life.

Rescue Services:

• Emergency Shelter & Showers
• Health & Wellness
• Clean Clothing and Laundry Services
• Chaplaincy
• Case Management & Referrals

Restoration Services:

• Dream Transitional Housing
• Socialization Skills Training
• Financial Literacy
• Housing Management
• Employment & Career Development
• Education- (HSE, Pre-Collegiate & Certification Programs)
• Health & Wellness
• Substance Abuse & Recovery Services
• Spiritual Growth

Children’s Services:

• Early Child Care Services: Onsite NYS Licensed Day Care
• Afterschool Program
• Summer Camp Program

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TESTIMONY UPDATE: GREAT FINISHES AND NEW BEGINNINGS AHEAD: In June of 2016, Alicia finished our program, finished college, has a new full-time job, and a new apartment! We are so proud of her and wish her continued success!

Alicia came to Buffalo City Mission’s Cornerstone Manor in May of 2013 after losing her home. She wasn’t making enough money to pay her rent so she was ultimately evicted. Alicia found refuge at Cornerstone Manor and her and her two children have flourished since being there. She has been attending college and studying social services to prepare for a career as a social worker; she wants to help give women and children a second chance in the same manner she has been given. Alicia will be graduating from her program at Erie Community College and she says, “When I graduate I will be the first person in my entire family to graduate from college.”

Alicia is deeply grateful to be living at Cornerstone Manor, where she receives help with housing and essentials and where her two young children are thriving. Alicia says what she appreciates most about her time at Cornerstone is “the encouragement to not give up.” She admits, “There were times when it would get to me and things would feel like they were falling apart…but there’s always been someone here to encourage me to keep pushing forward.” Alicia knows without the assistance from Cornerstone Manor and all its supporters, she would never have been able to go back to school and better her life. Alicia would like to say “thank you for taking the time out of [your] day and [your] life to help us and our family.”

Today, Alicia has graduated from Erie Community College, resides in her own safe and affordable permanent housing and has a full-time job.

For further information regarding Referrals for both
Rescue Services and The Dream Transitional Housing Program,

please call 716-854-8181 ext 116.

Buffalo City Mission’s – Women’s Ministry Programs do not discriminate against applicants or residents on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, disability or marital status.

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