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Women’s Ministries

Here at the BCM our goal is not simply to serve the hurting and homeless, but to pull poverty and homelessness out of their lives at its roots.

Buffalo City Mission’s- Women and Children’s Shelter (Cornerstone Manor) – is not simply a place which offers food and shelter to those in need, it is a place that provides a safe haven for which women and mom’s with children can have the opportunity to transition safely and successfully through the Mission’s Dream Transitional Housing Program, where sorrows can be turned into joy so hope for a better tomorrow can begin.

       “I felt safe and I felt loved, even the very first day.”   –  Resident Karen

This program provides each individual with a pathway to a stable life through the education and skill training resources provided to lift them out of poverty and on a road to a better life.

Rescue Services:

• Emergency Shelter & Showers
• Health & Wellness
• Clean Clothing and Laundry Services
• Chaplaincy
• Case Management & Referrals

Restoration Services:

• Dream Transitional Housing
• Socialization Skills Training
• Financial Literacy
• Housing Management
• Employment & Career Development
• Education- (HSE, Pre-Collegiate & Certification Programs)
• Health & Wellness
• Substance Abuse & Recovery Services
• Spiritual Growth

Children’s Services:

• Early Child Care Services: Onsite NYS Licensed Day Care
• Afterschool Program
• Summer Camp Program

brittany fall NL

“Now I know I am worthy.”

At just 14, Brittany felt herself drowning in depression and shame. A year earlier, a family member had begun to sexually abuse her, and she blamed herself. “I felt like my childhood was stolen from me.”

When she was in a serious car accident a few years later, Brittany was prescribed medications to cope with her physical pain… but she soon discovered they could numb deeper emotional wounds.

As the trauma of her abuse followed her into adulthood, she depended on substances to get by. When her mother passed away unexpectedly, Brittany’s grief sent her spiraling. “I didn’t know what to do… and I fell away from the Lord.”

At her lowest point, Brittany lost custody of her son, and for the next two years she was homeless. “I was just out in the streets… thinking I wasn’t worthy… thinking God didn’t love me.”

Then Brittany discovered she was pregnant. “I just stared at my garbage bag full of clothes in front of me – all I had – and the tears started rolling down my face,” she says. “The Lord told me I didn’t have to live like that anymore.”

A counselor guided Brittany to a rehab program where she found freedom from substances… but Brittany also desired to have a relationship with God.

She came to Buffalo City Mission’s Women and Children’s facility, Cornerstone Manor, and through Bible study and our Transitional Housing Program, she experienced healing through the Lord’s love. “God has forgiven me and I have forgiven myself… I got saved here and I am just so blessed!”

While staying with her baby at Cornerstone Manor, Brittany also regained custody of her first son! She’s grateful for the life-skills classes and spiritual guidance here that are helping her family prepare for a better future and grow in the Lord.
This Thanksgiving season – and all through the year – your kind generosity fills hearts with hope and gratitude… and transforms lives through God’s love! “I have found the Lord again and I have found myself… I can’t say thank you enough.”

For further information regarding Referrals for both
Rescue Services and The Dream Transitional Housing Program,

please call 716-854-8181 ext 116.

Buffalo City Mission’s – Women’s Ministry Programs do not discriminate against applicants or residents on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, disability or marital status.

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