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William dreamed of opening his own business, but a cancer diagnosis shattered it all. “I was confused, angry… I couldn’t understand how life could throw me such a curveball.”

For years, he’d had a successful career in the hospitality industry, but it was often a lonely profession. “I was meeting people every day… but our relationships were purely transactional. There was no closeness.”

So when William became sick, his business partners backed out. He found himself facing a frightening disease, unsure where to turn for support.

Then the recession hit. William’s full-time work dried up. As his treatment progressed, he had to quit working altogether.

With mounting medical bills and no income to pay them, he spent his life savings to cover the cost and eventually was forced to give up his apartment.

He stayed with friends to avoid becoming homeless – and thankfully, went into remission! But as he began to regain his strength, he longed for a safe place where he could get back on his feet.

In our Transitional Housing Program, he’s not only found practical resources to help him move forward, but also an encouraging community to support him every step of the way.

“I’ve realized I’m not alone… The pastors and staff here have helped me reach out to the Lord more and understand the importance of community.”

Through classes, guidance and other services in our program, William no longer feels isolated as he looks to the future. Our shuttle service helps him get to doctors’ appointments so he can stay healthy. And our staff has connected him with a local college where he’ll have access to housing as he seeks to pursue an associate’s degree!

This year, William will be celebrating Christmas as a new creation, filled with the great joy of God’s love. “I’ve realized the Lord can help me and He really wants to. You just have to let Him in.”


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