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Thanks to you…Marcellus has been given a life-changing gift this Christmas.

“I’ve learned Jesus’ way is better than mine.”


Marcellus never imagined he would be homeless. He had a good job driving a truck. He owned his own home. Life was good. But things started to unravel after a falling out with his family left him all alone, without any emotional support network.

Heartbroken, Marcellus began slipping into what would become crippling depression. He eventually lost his job, then his home, and he relied on soup kitchens to get by. Thankfully, a kind stranger told him he could find lasting help at Buffalo City Mission, and he made his way to our door.

“I came to the Mission and got three hots and a cot,” Marcellus says. But that was just the beginning, as he soon entered our life-changing Transitional Housing Program. It was during this time that Marcellus’s depression was actually diagnosed and he received the medicine he needs. And that has helped set him on a promising new path.

“The people here are helping me with my journey,” Marcellus says. “It’s tough love, but everything they’re teaching me is straight from the Bible. I knew about Jesus Christ, but I really didn’t follow Him. I’ve watched how the staff walks with Christ daily, and now I know that His way is better than mine.”

“Now I look at life through the eyes of Christ, and I know I have a future.”

Through guidance and an array of classes, Marcellus is not only drawing closer to God, he’s finding emotional healing from hurts of the past. He’s reconnected with family and he looks forward to graduating from the program, getting his own place and moving on with his life.

“The people here at the Mission want to see you succeed,” Marcellus says. “They want to see you grow to be a better person, and they’ve helped me in so many ways.”

It’s going to be a Christmas filled with joy for Marcellus – and he is so grateful to you for this wonderful gift of a new life. “I’m just happier. Now I look at life through the eyes of Christ, and I know I have a future.”

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