Student Volunteer Opportunities

There are many exciting and fun community service opportunities at the Buffalo City Mission.  Partner with us today to bring hope by meeting the needs of the homeless and less fortunate men, women, and children right here in your community.  You can make a difference!

Off-Site Volunteer Spotlight - Kevin and JoeyStudents of All Ages Participate

Middle School students Kevin and Joey helped the Buffalo City Mission get much needed necessities by having a donation party with family and freinds.  They did a drive we call "Fill Your Trunk With Hope" and there efforts made a BIG DIFFERENCE.  Yours can too.


Do A Drive - Fill Your Trunk With Hope

There are TONS of ways to have fun and fill your trunk with hope for the Buffalo City Mission.  Here are just a few ideas...


Pizza Party

Invite your family, friends or your youth group to a party where you serve pizza and/or desserts.  Let them know you are doing your community service hours and are collecting for the Buffalo City Mission (see our urgent needs list for ideas or share the list with them).  Ask them to bring the item(s) you have selected as your donation item(s) for your community service project.  Share what you learned about the Buffalo City Mission.  Have some fun, watch a movie, play some games.  Maybe give out a prize to the individual who brings the most of the items you are collecting.

"Shower" The Mission

Hold a shower complete with punch, finger food and desert.  Have each guest bring their donation as a wrapped gift for Cornerstone Manor or the Men’s Center from the needs list.  Share a few facts that you learned about the Buffalo City Mission at the party.  Open the gifts and take pictures of everyone.  Bring your donations to the mission.  We would love to see some of the pictures too!

Pay-It-Forward Party

Let your friends, family, neighbors or your youth group know that this party is for your community service hours and you have chosen the Buffalo City Mission as your non-profit off site donation organization.  Ask them to help make a difference in the lives of others by bringing the items you are collecting.  Have people at the party share stories of nice things that they have had done for them in their lives and share testimonies of individuals at the Buffalo City Mission, whom you are all helping through your donation and are now paying it forward.  You may want to have some food and beverages and enjoy!

Buy 1 Give 1 Event

Share with your family, friends, neighbors and church how you have chosen to bless the Buffalo City Mission through your volunteer service project of the Buy 1 Give One Fill Your Trunk with Hope Event.  Encourage all to buy 1 household item and to them give 1 to the Mission.  Set up a donation time and bring the collection to the mission.

Scavenger Hunts

Invite your friends to a Scavenger Hunt.  Send them out in two different groups, each with their own (adult) driver to collect the items on the list.  Different items have different points and the team with the most points wins.  Create a certificate for the winner.  A prize is up to you.  You may want to share with the group a few facts that you learned about the Buffalo City Mission.  And have some food and enjoy the fun!

Cupcake Party

Pre-bake cupcakes, make the frosting and have a few friends over to frost and decorate.  Have fun and then bring them down to the mission.  While you are frosting, share a few facts that you have learned about the Buffalo City Mission and have fun.

Coin Party

Share with your family, friends, neighbors and church that you are doing community service hours and you have chosen the Buffalo City Mission to bless with a donation.  Set up an Open house time for everyone to bring their coins that they have around their house.  The person with the most coins you may want to give a prize to or give certificates to everyone for participating.  Have snacks and or beverages for people who drop in.  Have fun and we will look forward to receiving your donation at the mission.  Please help us save time and turn the coins in at the coin counter at the grocery store and bring your donation to the Mission.

Water for Water

Water is a need we all have for physical life.  You can do a fund raiser for the Buffalo City Mission by asking for a dollar or two dollar donation for a bottle of water so that you can go and purchase cases of water as a donation for the Mission.  Put fliers out in your neighborhood, post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter and email your friends and family.  Get a few friends to help and before you know it you will have a great donation to bring to the mission.


5 Day “Fill Your Trunk with Hope” Challenge

Take the challenge and make a difference!

Day 1:  5 Tall garbage bags of clothing

Day 2:  5 Boxes of Kleenex

Day 3:  5 Containers of disinfectant wipes

Day 4:  5 Packages of disposable razors men’s and/or women’s

Day 5:  5 Antiperspirant deodorants

You can go door to door, send emails or make phone calls to your family and friends to help meet your goals.

What other ideas do you have for collecting “Challenge Items”?

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Student Volunteer Packet

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