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Thank you for giving Oneitha a new beginning – Because of you, she has joy in her heart this Easter!

Easter 2023 BCM

“I had nowhere else to go”

For most of her life, Oneitha rarely felt safe.

“Growing up, there was a lot of mental, physical and emotional abuse,” she says. “I didn’t tell anyone about it for a long time.”

As a teenager, Oneitha was desperate to ease her suffering. She turned to substances to numb her heartache… but the trauma still wouldn’t go away.

“I tried to hurt myself, by going in front of a bus,” she says. “But my sister pulled me out of the way.”

Sadly, Oneitha’s challenges continued into adulthood as she found herself in an abusive relationship for 11 years. “I was constantly trying to leave and find a safe place to stay… but I had nowhere else to go,” she says. “I would just go back to my abusive partner… wishfully thinking things would change.”

“Before I came to the Mission, my life was overwhelming.”

When a social worker told Oneitha about the Buffalo City Mission, she felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. “I came here with my daughter, and the staff were so welcoming and helpful.”

Oneitha joined our Transitional Housing Program, and through classes and the encouragement of our staff, she began working through the difficult experiences of her past… and started making plans for her future!

“For many years I wanted to work on my GED, but I was constantly moving around so it was hard. But here I can focus on that,” she says.

Oneitha is also grateful for the faith-based environment here that has supported her healing. “The Mission has helped me spiritually, to feel at home with God.”

With Jesus’ love in her heart and hope for the future, Oneitha is grateful for your support this Easter. “Here at the Mission, under Christ’s protection, I feel safe… I feel strong… and that’s given me hope.”

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