Meet Telly. He can't thank YOU enough!

Meet Telly. He can’t thank YOU enough!

“I want to serve my family whatever way I can.”

Meet Telly. He can't thank you enough for your support.Telly grew up fighting to survive. Born and raised in the inner city, he spent his life there, struggling to work, and wearing his anger like a protective shield against the threats he faced daily in this harsh environment. “If I felt threatened, I’d defend myself,” he says. “I always had some type of chip on my shoulder.”

Despite his tough exterior, he was a devoted, loving father. When his grandson was born, Telly’s grown daughters hoped the streets wouldn’t “swallow him up,” and that he’d be part of his grandson’s life.

So when Telly became homeless at age 60, his daughters began to fear for their father’s life. “I promised them the streets would never take me,” he says. To keep his promise, Telly came to the Mission seeking a safe place to stay and help to change his life.

In our long-term recovery program, Telly has experienced peace and gained coping skills to relieve his anger in healthy ways.

Through classes and chapel services, he’s been growing in patience and his understanding of the Bible. “I had to keep my promise to my girls… And now I’m ready to be there for my daughters and my grandson… and to steer him in a better direction.”

Today, Telly has a closer relationship with the Lord, and he’s looking forward to getting a place of his own soon and starting a new job.

You may never meet Telly, but he’s eternally grateful to YOU for your support – today, his heart is filled with new hope for the future. “The Mission helped guide me in the right direction. They gave me a place to stay. So, in return, I’m giving it my all.”

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