Because of you… “My story has a new beginning!”

Because of you… “My story has a new beginning!”

“Now I know God is always there for me. He is my everything.”

“We were the ‘nice’ family,” Mary says.

Mary grew up in a middle-class family that seemed normal. But the truth was hidden: Her mother was an alcoholic and another family member abused her. Mary started smoking and drinking at age 9 and tried running away many times. She spent years caught in addiction, trying to escape her pain. “I have been using drugs and drinking all of my life. This is the first time I’ve been clean and sober.”

Mary spent years living on the streets, homeless, until she finally decided to go to rehab. As soon as she was released, she came to Buffalo City Mission’s Cornerstone Manor for women and children. Here, through your gifts, not only did she receive essentials like safe shelter and nutritious meals, but through counseling and Bible study, she experienced God’s love healing her heart.

“One day in the chapel, I found God, and I got baptized last year,” she says. “I have a purpose in my life now – my whole life is dedicated to Jesus. It’s remarkable how much Cornerstone has done for me.”

For the first time ever, Mary was able to celebrate the miracle of Christmas with God’s joy and peace in her heart.

Mary completed our DREAM Transitional Housing Program, and continues to take advantage of every class and Bible study she can attend to allow God to speak to her heart. She is the president of our Beautification Committee, working each day to ensure Cornerstone Manor is clean and presentable. She is learning how to set boundaries and build healthy relationships, as she continues to depend on the Lord’s guidance. “Jesus has given me strength, hope and a future.”

“The Mission is a place of second chances, and it has changed my life.”

This Christmas, because of your compassion and God’s love, Mary’s story has a new beginning. Through the gift of Christ’s birth, her future is filled with joy and meaning. “I have hope, gladness and a purpose now that I didn’t have before. I just want to share the joy and share the Word with other people.”


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