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For Immediate Release:  March 18, 2015

Mayor code blue funding


City of Buffalo Office of Strategic Planning to allocate
a total of $123,000 to the Mission:
$63,000 for Code Blue and $60,000 for the shelter

Funding comes on the heels of record-breaking winter season
with 42 nights being Code Blue

BUFFALO, N.Y. – On the heels of a record-breaking winter, City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, together with the Buffalo City Mission, today announced an $18,000 increase in funding for the Mission’s Code Blue initiative. The program provides critical shelter, clothing and hot meals for anyone living on the streets, but especially targets the 11 percent of those chronically homeless who do not want to reside in shelters and who live in uninhabitable or dangerous places during times of extremely low temperatures and wind chills with no means for finding shelter.

”In order to maintain the services the City Mission provides to the chronically homeless population during extreme winter weather, additional funding was needed to compensate the Mission for the record number of nights for the 2014-15 winter season when Code Blue was in effect. The City of Buffalo has endured one of the coldest winters in a number of years, and those without shelter are at the greatest risk for winter-related diseases, ailments and death.

“During one of the most severe winters we’ve seen in Buffalo, the City Mission had Code Blue in effect 42 nights this season,” said City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. “In order to ensure that all homeless citizens of this community have access to the life-saving shelter, clothing and food they need during our most severe weather, the City’s Office of Strategic Planning has allocated these critical funds to ensure the Mission has the necessary means to continue serving those in our community with the greatest needs.”

With the additional $18,000 provided for Code Blue, total funding for the City Mission provided by the City’s Office of Strategic Planning next year increases to $123,000. Of that total, $63,000 is allocated for Code Blue and $60,000 is allocated for the shelter. Through this past code blue season, the Mission provided more than 6,000 meals and over 2,500 safe nights of sleep.

“The City Mission is dedicated to providing adequate protection for not only the homeless, but anyone who is stranded in the cold without the means to find shelter, warm clothing or a hot meal,” says City Mission Executive Director Stuart Harper. “This has been the most severe winter Buffalo has seen in decades and we are working harder than ever to answer the call. Through the recent extension of funding from Mayor Brown and the City of Buffalo, we will be better equipped to handle the sub-zero temperatures for future winters. We deeply thank the Mayor and City officials for recognizing the importance of the Code Blue program.”

During Code Blue nights, the Mission sends a van throughout the community to pick up those living on the streets or who cannot find their way to shelter. The Mission makes additional room at its emergency shelter to accommodate everyone who needs protection from dangerous weather conditions. Hot meals, warm clothing and blankets are also provided.

About the Buffalo City Mission:

The Buffalo City Mission, founded in 1917, is a not-for-profit organization that provides preventative, emergency and long-term recovery services to thousands of people who are homeless or impoverished. The Mission includes: Women and Children’s Shelter (Cornerstone Manor); the Men’s Community Center; the Mission Vehicle Donation Program; and the Dick Road thrift store location to better serve our community. For more information or to partake in a tour of our facilities, please visit or call 854-8181, ext 431.

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