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Welcome to the Community Appreciation Program

Partnering with the Buffalo City Mission via its Community Appreciation Program will offer your organization an opportunity to demonstrate the shared value that resonates within the vision and mission of your work-force and the Buffalo City Mission. This will positively show your organization’s goodwill to the community, and at the same time provide your employee base with a volunteer platform that will help to amplify your efforts to partake in your social responsibility committment.

Highlighting your organization as a leader in their mission to promote positive change in their community will leave a resounding impact among others on a local and also national scale.

Expand your footprint in your community. Consider the provided chart of foundational points of entry that will allow your organization to progress towards achieving its vision and goals.


Meet Our Community Partners

We gratefully acknowledge these special friends who so generously support our programs and services that provide a pathway to stability for those in need in the Buffalo area. Please join us in thanking them for their commitment to change lives.

Community Changer


Everyday Essentials Program


Key supports programs and initiatives that focus on building strong communities through philanthropic investments in education and the workforce.


Mission Possible Program

Windsong Radiology

Windsong has been a supporter of our summer camp program for many years. Learn more about this great company and its impact on our community!


Mission Possible Program


Citi supports urban transformation initiatives that build vibrant cities and offer economic opportunities for low-income residents.


Mission Possible Program

Clover Management

We hope that with our support the Mission Possible Program will continue to grow, and therefore continue to educate our city's youth on the widespread epidemic of hunger in both our own backyard and on a global scale. Most importantly, we hope to promote the concept of giving, and demonstrate to all that even the smallest efforts can make a big impact.


Mission Possible Program

Rich Products

Rich’s is a privately held, multinational food products corporation headquartered in Buffalo, NY. We hope that our support will provide community members with the resources required to become successful, capable and happy.


Mission Possible Program


GEICO provides auto insurance coverage for nearly 16 million U.S. drivers as the nation’s second largest auto insurer. Our 38,000 associates offer first-rate customer service and are known for their stellar community service as well.

Community Advocate

Children’s Programs

Summer Camp Program

Anthony Baldi & Associates

Children’s Programs

Adult Education Program

Partner With The Mission

To learn more about the Community Appreciation Program and the many ways your organization can partner with the Buffalo City Mission, call us today at (716) 854-8181 x407

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