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When Nicholas and his wife got married, they were eager to see their shared dream of starting a family become reality. In the beginning, we had joy and we had hope, he says. We were praying and looking and waiting. But as the couple watched others around them becoming parents – while they were still waiting – their hope started to fade. We discovered we couldn’t have kids, he says.

Despite this crushing reality, Nicholas says, we had faith that God would see us through. Yet, after years of fertility treatments and no success, Nicholas and his wife separated. We stopped interacting… we became distant… and we lost our faith in God. I was so mad at God, Nicholas says. We both prayed and hoped for kids. I believed the failure was God’s fault.

Separating from his wife left Nicholas homeless – and he came to live with a childhood friend in Buffalo. But when he could no longer stay there, a local pastor recommended the Mission. I’d never been in a shelter before, but I came willingly, he says. You have to be willing to accept change. I wanted to get back on my feet.

Staying at our Men’s Center and joining our residential recovery program, Nicholas was able to keep working while he received the counseling and spiritual guidance to help him heal from his divorce… and learn to trust in the Lord again. Everyone at the Mission will stop to talk to you, ask you about your faith, he says. My spiritual advisor here relit the candle in my heart to read the Bible and look for God.

When he graduated from our recovery program, Nicholas joined our DREAM transitional program, which provides continuing support with education and spiritual growth to build a stable life. Today, he has new dreams. I’m looking for my own apartment. I’m also thinking about going back to school to study theology and someday work for the Mission… being a chaplain here gives you the ability to actually help people.

When he sees his life today, Nicholas is thrilled by his transformation thanks to God’s love in his life – and your support. I’m grateful to the Mission because today, I know there’s hope for my future. There are people here who truly care. I really wanted to change, and the Mission has given me the opportunity and grace to do that.


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