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Meet Chantal. She can’t thank YOU enough!

“The Mission saved my life.” 


easter newsletter ChantalChantal grew up in Africa, with loving parents who cared for her and her siblings. But when civil war came to her country and her parents died a few years later, her life turned upside down.

“My father and mom died, and left me with five siblings. I took care of them until the last born finished his BA.”

Chantal was a highly educated academic and journalist when tragedy struck again. She was arrested for speaking out against corruption in the government and tortured by police. Desperate for a better life, she fled to America and ended up in Buffalo.

“I have no family here and I knew nobody at that time. I needed safe shelter. I was in really bad shape.”

The day she walked into Buffalo City Mission, everything changed for Chantal. 

“At first, I was wondering what I was doing here,” she says, smiling. “But the facility is so beautiful and clean. I felt safe and loved.”

“Everybody is welcome here… they will take you in and give you clothes, shoes and somewhere to sleep. Everything you need.”

Chantal was a Christian before she came to the Mission, but in our care she has strengthened her faith and found healing through classes, chapel services and Bible study.   

“The Lord is demanding me to keep silent and be alone. He has something to teach and tell me. To just listen to Him and people ministering for God.”

Chantal hopes to get her work permit and find a job and place of her own to live because it would be dangerous for her to return to her home country.

“My goal is to get a job and work, or apply for a PhD because I don’t see myself out of the academic field.”

You may never meet Chantal, but she’s eternally grateful to YOU for your support – today, her heart is filled with new hope for the future. “We need each other within the body of our Lord Jesus – to work for each other and help each other. The Mission helped me so much.”


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