Leaning on God Through It All - Buffalo City Mission

Leaning on God Through It All

“I am a woman that loves God so much.”

Obiamaka is miles away from where her life began in Nigeria. She was raised in a Christian home, one of five children. Though her family was poor, she worked hard in school, earned her geology degree and found a lucrative job with an oil company.

But civil unrest in her country made life difficult. Her husband, who worked for the former government, was assassinated when the new government took power, leaving her to care for her three young children at the age of 30. Obiamaka knew she had to leave the country to seek a better life.

“After the death of my husband a lot of issues came up,” she says. “I couldn’t bear it anymore. I know when you go to America you have to start from the beginning, but I wanted to protect my children.”

Obiamaka ended up in Buffalo with her kids, unsure of where to go or how she would provide for her family because the culture, climate and people were all new to her. By God’s grace, she heard how the Cornerstone Manor program offered families safe shelter and Biblically-based teaching, and it was an answer to prayer. “Cornerstone gave me peace of mind. Everything is in order and extremely neat. The thing that gives me the most joy is chapel. After I lost my husband, it was the Word of God that healed me.”

“My father had no money but he gave me something I love so much – the Word of God. And that’s what I’m doing for my kids.”

Today, Obiamaka is back in school and working on her second degree – this time in nursing. “When I said I’m coming to America, I decided I want to go into nursing because I love taking care of sick people.” She is thankful for the support and encouragement at Cornerstone, knowing her children are well cared for while she attends school.

This Easter, Obiamaka and her children will be celebrating the beautiful new beginning in their lives – made possible by your generous support. “This place will bring you closer to God and teach you how to love your neighbor as yourself. Whatever happens, I trust God because He’s a perfect planner.”

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