From Pain and Pride to the Power of God's Love

From Pain and Pride to the Power of God’s Love

“The people I thought cared about me didn’t, and I just broke down.”

Lee grew up in a rough neighborhood, where fighting was just a normal part of daily life. He adopted that attitude in all areas of his life and spent years trying to do it all on his own.

“I was overly confident. I thought I could fix things that I couldn’t, and it led me down a bad road. Next thing you know, I’m homeless. Sitting under a bridge getting ready to sleep because I had no place to go.”

Lee wanted to help others who were hurting or being bullied, but trying so hard to fix everyone else just left him broken. “When I lived on the streets, I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually ate three meals in a day. I realized how alone I was… and I didn’t want my story to end that way.”

That’s when Lee heard about Buffalo City Mission and everything changed.

“The Mission has afforded me the opportunity to rediscover who I am. To be the person I was meant to be.”

Through God’s love and the guidance he receives in our DREAM Transitional Housing Program, Lee is learning how to surrender his pride and humbly submit to God through faith.

“I’m thankful to the Mission for their support, and making me feel I’m not alone”

“My life is dramatically better because of the support and the structure here at the Mission. I was trying to be the perfect little soldier, fighting my way through life. Now I put it into God’s hands.”

Lee enjoys the daily routine of classes, working around the Mission to help keep things clean and spending time with his new brothers and sisters in Christ.

And he’s thankful for caring friends like you who continue to support the Mission: “I’m very grateful. This place has dramatically turned my life around. We’re like one big family.”


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