Karen - Buffalo City Mission


She Thought God Had Forgotten Her

Several years after her mother’s death, the grief was still fresh to Karen. “I was emotional and detached, thinking that God had forgotten me,” she says. “I needed help. I prayed and prayed.” Karen was living in Atlanta—although she grew up in New York. She felt drawn back to Buffalo. It wasn’t an easy decision. And once she returned, she faced homelessness.

“I didn’t have anything. So I had to have a place of shelter,” Karen recalled. Then she learned about the long-term services available at Cornerstone Manor. After praying, Karen said, “God, I’m going to take a leap of faith.” That day, she walked to Cornerstone. “My life has drastically changed for the better,” she says.

At Cornerstone, God clearly showed Karen that He had never forgotten her. Imagine her surprise when she learned that there was just one bed left. “It was a miracle,” she says. “I felt a peace as never before. I felt safe and I felt loved, even the very first day.”

Things began to change for Karen. “I needed dental work badly so that I could go back out and work,” she explains, adding, “I had other medical issues to be taken care of so I could fully function.”

Karen received all the care she needed to heal completely. At Cornerstone, “they help you with every area of your life,” said Karen. “Cornerstone is a blessing to all.”


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