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IRA Gifts

These two easy steps could help you change lives and save on your taxes.

Are you 72 years old or older? If you are, you can make a life-changing gift from your IRA account to the Mission and potentially save on your taxes!
Gifts of up to $100,000 per year that are made from your IRA to a qualified charity like the Buffalo City Mission may not be considered taxable income, and may qualify for your required minimum distribution (RMD), which could lower your income and taxes.

How to Donate from Your IRA

Step 1) Notify Buffalo City Mission

To confirm the proper crediting of your IRA donation, please contact us to notify us about your donation.

Step 2) Provide direction to your custodian/financial institution

Completing your IRA donation is easy. Simply download this IRA donation letter of intent, and send it to your IRA Custodian or financial institution.

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