Grateful through it all: Fergana is especially thankful for YOU! - Buffalo City Mission

Grateful through it all: Fergana is especially thankful for YOU!

Your compassion & support change lives.

“I’m building a new future.”

When Fergana’s husband walked out on their marriage, he left her heartbroken… and financially devastated.

Working a low-wage job, she didn’t have the means to live on her own, so she moved in with her parents. Sadly, the trauma of the situation drove Fergana deep into despair and destroyed her once close relationship with her mother and father. Finally, no longer able to tolerate the stress of the living arrangement, they asked her to leave.

The only place she could think of to go, Fergana took a bus to the airport where she slept on benches and ate what little she could afford until a good Samaritan noticed her plight. By God’s grace he knew about the Mission… and he brought her to our door.

“Sometimes I feel alone and can’t sleep. So I talk with the staff, they ask me questions and pray with me.”

Fergana is grateful for your support this Fall

In our care, Fergana is receiving safe shelter, food and clothing, as well as help with critical medical prescriptions. Through faith-based guidance and classes, she’s strengthening her relationship with God, rebuilding her self-esteem and learning vital life and workplace skills. She’s also healing through Christian fellowship.

“I like it here with everyone around me,” she says, grateful for the staff and new friends who are always available to spend time and pray with her.

Today, Fergana is staying in our transitional housing program as she looks for employment that will allow her to live independently. Just as important, she is restoring her relationship with her loved ones and looks forward to making them a special part of her new life.

As Fergana celebrates this Thanksgiving, she feels incredibly thankful for your compassion and support – and how it’s given her a fresh start in life. “Your donations are so important for people who don’t have enough to eat or a place to sleep,” she says. “You help them get back on their feet.”


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