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Frank is so grateful you have given him new life!

Frank i grateful you have given him new life!

“I didn’t think anybody had any use for me anymore…”

Frank sat alone in his apartment, hungry, sad and frightened.

He’d struggled with depression all his life, but he’d always managed to work, take care of himself and find some joy in living.

Then the pandemic hit in 2020 and a mandated quarantine left him isolated and idle, sending his depression spiraling out of control. He stopped eating and caring for himself, compromising his health and threatening his life.

Thankfully, one of his former landlords came by his apartment to check on him. He found Frank so severely malnourished that he had to be hospitalized. After 10 days of life-saving care, Frank was discharged and the hospital sent him to Buffalo City Mission.

We welcomed him with open arms and provided a warm bed, nutritious meals and health and wellness care – everything Frank could need to grow physically strong again. “Buffalo City Mission is a safe and inviting place, with all the necessary resources in-house,” he says, gratefully.

With his physical needs met, Frank has been able to focus on growing strong emotionally and spiritually through chapel services, Bible studies, Christ-centered guidance and life skills classes. “The Mission props you up until you can handle emotional and spiritual things yourself and get back on your feet,” he says.

“The Mission helped me stand on my own again.”

He’s also rediscovered the things that used to bring him joy – worshiping the Lord, cooking and reading. And Frank blesses those around him with his joyful spirit. He’s now looking forward to finding a job, his own place to live, and becoming a productive member of society once again.

Frank is thankful for the kindness and compassion of loving neighbors like you – and how you have given him peace and hope for the future. “Before I came to the Mission, I didn’t think anybody had any use for me anymore, but now I’ve come to value myself again.”

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Help Other People Like Frank…

Frank’s story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term recovery programs exist to help other men and women find healing. Will you provide this help to others?