Ethel - Buffalo City Mission


She knew she needed to be a better mom – her years of drug and alcohol abuse strained all her relationships. But it was when Ethel tried crack cocaine that things fell apart rapidly…

One morning, she got tired of waking up crying and went to a detox center. After completing the program, Ethel learned her landlord had evicted her and she had no place to go.

Instead of going to the streets, Ethel came to Cornerstone Manor, where she began Buffalo City Mission’s DREAM Transitional Housing Program to help lift women and children out of poverty and place them on the path to a better life.

This has really changed my life. I prayed for God to forgive me – to come into my heart, my mind, my body and my soul – and to never have the desire to use again,” she says.

Ethel signed up for a baptism class, as well as other recovery classes, and the transformation has been astounding.

“I always believed in God, but I didn’t have that faith. Coming here brought that faith inside of me. I just fell to my knees and bawled, thanking and praising God.”

Through God’s grace, Ethel is seeing her relationships restored.

“My mom and sister came to my baptism. I’m just praying to have my family back in my life – my kids and my grandbaby – and it’s all coming together.”

Ethel plans to get her GED, and then enroll in school to get her license and open her own hair salon.

“Right now, I’m just working on my recovery. I’m thankful today. I’m grateful.” Because of your support, Ethel, and others like her, find help and hope when they walk
through the doors of Buffalo City Mission. “This place has really changed my life.”


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