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Code Blue New

Code Blue

Homeless people who lack warm clothes and are weakened by hunger can succumb to harsh weather sooner than they might think. Since 2009, the city of Buffalo has partnered with the Western New York Homeless Coalition to implement the “Code Blue” emergency plan.

“Our doors open especially wide.”

When temperatures drop sufficiently – or the wind chill is especially bitter – Code Blue is announced on local TV and radio stations, as well as websites. The Buffalo City Mission opens its doors especially wide to provide shelter, clothing and hot meals for anyone, but especially for the chronically homeless, who do not want to reside in shelters. We even send our van out to bring people in from the cold, making stops by the Friends of the Night, the Belle Center, several libraries, homeless camps and under bridges.

Our doors are open to the homeless 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but when a Code Blue is called, we make extra space to accommodate everyone who needs shelter from the dangerous weather conditions. To provide food, blankets, warm clothing and more for the additional influx of people, we really need help from the community.

Provide $1.98 meals now through a monetary donationFor information on how you can make a Code Blue donation of clothing, blankets or food call our Volunteer Department at (716) 854-8181 ext 408. Thank you.


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