Celebrating 100 Years! - Buffalo City Mission

100 Years of Help, Hope, and Healing

Providing 100 years of hope (1917-2017)

For over 100 years, Buffalo City Mission has been reaching out to the poor, the downcast and the homeless. Our ministry began in June 1917, when baseball-hero-turned-evangelist Billy Sunday made a gift of $8,400 to the Buffalo Evangelistic Association, with the direction that a Rescue Mission should be opened. Rev. and Mrs. Edward Clark led the effort, establishing City Mission Society (now known as Buffalo City Mission) that fall.

In the early years, services focused on providing food, shelter and clothing. Since then, the Mission’s work has expanded to include programs that address the growing tragedies of substance abuse and family homelessness. Your generosity has allowed us to meet the changing needs of those burdened by the hardships of life.

As our local community’s needs grew, our facilities have grown as well. In 1984, Buffalo City Mission moved into a new building at 100 E. Tupper, where administrative offices and the Men’s Community Center are located today. In 2006, the Mission opened its new Cornerstone Manor for Women and Children that houses this vulnerable population. Foundations, corporations, churches and individuals raised $15 million to build this life-changing facility.

Through the years, much has changed. But one thing stays the same… your gracious generosity that reaches out to people in desperate need. Thank you for your time, your prayers and your support. With your continued help, this outpouring of God’s grace will be available to those who are hurting in the Buffalo community.

Looking to the future

Buffalo City Mission has provided an exceptionally effective ministry to men and women experiencing homelessness in our area for the last 100 years. Over time, our approach has progressed with our understanding of poverty.

Today, we continue to provide food and shelter, and now we also address the root causes of homelessness through our Restoration Services that provides:

  • Dream Transitional Housing Program
  • Socialization Skills Training
  • Financial Literacy
  • Housing Management
  • Employment & Career Development
  • Education- (HSE, Pre-Collegiate & Certification Programs)
  • Health & Wellness
• Substance Abuse & Recovery Services
  • Spiritual Growth

Our prayer for every client is that they will find a way to turn their life circumstances around- from desperation to hope. We have seen so much success with our holistic approach that we intend to do even more.

Moving forward, Buffalo City Mission is planning to replace its Men’s Community Center with a new facility designed to meet the needs of our community today and into the future-mirror the highly successful women’s facility, Cornerstone Manor. The new men’s facility will be nearly double the size of its predecessor. It will offer a 9,300 square-foot community space called “The Center.” The Center will be designed to offer needed services to 150-200 Buffalonians in a clean, secure and comfortable area.  Our goal is to not only serve those experiencing homelessness, but also those who may be on the path toward homelessness.

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