Cedric Wants to Thank You - Buffalo City Mission

Cedric Wants to Thank You

“I’m so thankful God is in control.”

Cedric was raised in a house with 14 children, and his parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility. He spent years raising his two daughters, and then caring for his parents until they passed away.

He moved back to Buffalo after his parents died, but he was unable to find a full-time job. Money became tight, and before he knew it, Cedric was evicted from his apartment.

“I was working a part-time job. I didn’t take care of my finances like I should have, and that caused me to become homeless. I asked God to make my plans His plans because I didn’t know what to do or where to go.”

Cedric came to Buffalo City Mission, and that was the day that his life turned around.

“The Lord opened my eyes and my mind. He got me to understand Him more, and to grow with Him through my trials and tribulations.”

Cedric is grateful for the daily classes that have helped him learn how to better manage his money and make wise decisions. Through Bible study and chapel services, he grows stronger in his faith each day.

“I’m on the right track. I’m growing in the Word of God, in the wonderful Spirit of the Lord. Everything’s coming together as God planned.”

Cedric has gotten connected with a local church, is looking for full-time employment and hopes to be able to find his own place soon. With the lessons he’s learned, he hopes to be able to honor his parents’ teachings about work and responsibility.

“I don’t want to run, because there’s nowhere to hide when it comes to the Word of God.”

“The Mission helped prepare me to go back out into the world – mentally, emotionally, physically. Now I’m just waiting on God.”

Because of your generosity, Cedric’s heart has been filled with thanksgiving… and God’s love! “I just want everyone to know that God is real and He’s alive, and He’s watching over you.”

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