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Andreana grew up in an unstable home life. Her parents divorced when she was young and her mother remarried a man in the military so they moved around a lot.

“My childhood was inconsistent,” she says. “I didn’t have a lot of structure and guidance. I rebelled at an early age, getting into trouble and experimenting with drugs and alcohol.”

Andreana dropped out of school at age 15, and had two sons by the time she was 17. When her mother took custody, Andreana’s grief over losing custody of her boys caused her to spiral into serious addiction. She had three more children but the father was abusive and she wasn’t prepared to be a mother, so she was heartbroken when she lost those children as well.

“It was a really dark time for me… just a hopeless time. But then God broke me down and rebuilt me.”

Her last time in jail was the wake-up call she needed. “I gave my life to God and said, ‘I need help. I don’t want this for my life anymore.’ I didn’t even know what I wanted, I just knew there had to be something better.”

After leaving jail, Andreana completed rehab and then came to Buffalo City Mission, where she found a better life for herself. She has been sober for 18 months, and plans to attend classes at a local college. She has regained custody of her two younger children and hopes to be reunited with her older sons as well.

“I’m a completely different person. Every single day I get on my knees and I give my life to God all over again when I wake up,” she says.

Andreana believes with her whole heart that the Mission made it possible for her to be a mother again. “I’m so blessed and thankful. They have given me so many tools to gain independence and walk on my own. I’m so confident walking out of here, having a solid foundation.”

Andreana knows that her life would be tragically different without the Mission and friends like you who have supported her restoration. Thank you for your continued generosity.

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